Reality Shift

by LMan

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Alex Goldblat
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Alex Goldblat Lman is a Very good composer which came from the C64 (Commodore 64) scene with some outstanding tunes , this album bring new chill-out sounds , a lot of nice samples and various tracks very enjoying and generate good atmospheric feeling makes you think ! full recommendation to buy this album and support LMAN! Favorite track: Genesis.
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Devolution 03:32
Genesis 03:15
Junction 04:15
La Nuit 05:56
Nine o Noise 04:07
Dropzone 05:06
Aurora 05:05
Nyx 06:25


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Take a fantastic trip into the future!

It all begins with the "Devolution" event. We are witnessing a reality shift, as angelic voices herald the transformation of the barren and burning wasteland which is Earth, back into the lush planet it had been a long time ago.

This is the "Genesis", where new life is born, mankind's spirits are lifting, marvellous ships are launching off into the vast, unexplored space above. The sunlight glitters off our own space vessel's chrome surface as we're leaving orbit, it's elegant shape flowing through the galaxy like through water.

On our voyages, we encounter "Junction", the immense space hub where worlds and species meet, trade and share their adventures and experiences.

Junction is anchored at planet Huxley 2540, a brave new world where the human populace is held in check by a totalitarian government by means of hedonism, coordination, and recreational drugs. If you ever feel troubled there, you'll just "Have a Gramme", go down to the "La Nuit" club, and dance to the pounding "Nine O Noise" drum beats. We're leaving Junction and its allurements behind, and are heading for uncharted space.

Through space and time our journey takes us past wonders and terrors, heavens and hells, and places of indescribable beauty where time stands still.

Running short on supplies, we're approaching a green planet overgrown with a jungle of mile high trees, water sprouting from its many-coloured blossoms and flowing in great cascades like waterfalls into the depths of the designated "Dropzone", where we're descending with our shuttles.

Replenished, we're continuing our flight, relentlessly approaching the edge of the universe. Leaving the outermost stars and galaxies behind us, an anomaly glowing like an "Aurora" marks the only visible monument in the otherwise ultimate blackness. Driven by our curiosity, we're slowly guiding our sleek ship towards the Aurora's circular centre. Charged with excitement, we boldly plunge through the gateway.

Complete and utter darkness engulfs us, until suddenly we're blinded by a light brighter than any star, yet not hurting the eyes. There at the end of the world, we encounter "Nyx", terrific to behold with a beauty beyond words! She is the goddess of darkness, warning us of the way ahead, for while she devotes some of her light to illuminate the universe, the place beyond is hers alone. Tiny orbs of pure light emanate from her body and shine their light on the "Cold lake of Eternity". Bizarre and breathtaking it is, shimmering in hues of vibrant blue, cyan and silver, stretching forever into the void. Guided by the orbs, the journey continues.


released July 18, 2015

All tracks on this compilation have been composed, produced and mastered between 2005 and 2015 by Markus Klein (aka LMan). All rights reserved.

Vocals provided on tracks 1 and 9 by Natascha Klein (aka Sunflower).

Cover Photography by Natascha Klein.

Artwork by Markus Klein.

“Shortcut” Font by Eduardo Recife.


all rights reserved




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